Where are made Yasmin Hassaïne gowns and where do the fabrics come from?
All our designs are tailored in Paris.

The most exquisite fabrics are selected to create your gowns, they are made of natural fibers only which come from France & Italy.

The styles from our Exclusive range are tailored with exceptional embroideries available in limited quantities.

Can I modify a gown from your collection?
All the styles from our collection are modifiable (neckline depth, sleeve length, train length…) and customizable (selection of another fabric or embroidery…) in accordance with the designer and the House identity.
What is the difference between made to measure and bespoke creations?
The designs from our collection are made to measure: they are tailored adjusted to your measures and it is possible to add some modifications on the cut (sleeves length, neckline depth…).

For a unique bespoke creation, several sketches drawn by the designer exclusively for you will be presented and a new pattern fully created from your measures will be designed.

What are the different steps for a made to measure gown?
If you selected a style from our brand for your wedding, we will be delighted to welcome you again in our showroom to confirm together the selected style and take your measurements.

Then, you will first try your gown without the finishing to be able to bring some adjustments and determine the size of the hem. This is during this third appointment that you will need to come with your wedding lingerie and shoes.

Eventually, it will be the last fitting when you will discover your finalized gown!

What are the different steps for a unique bespoke creation?
The creation of a unique bespoke style is an exceptional experience, during which you will join the designer to create together your dream outfit. You will find more information regarding the different steps for a unique bespoke creation in the dedicated section « Bespoke creation ».
What is the Exclusive range?
The designs from our Exclusive range are tailored with exceptional embroideries in limited quantities.

If you had been taken with a style from the Exclusive range and this one is unfortunately no longer available, the designer will gladly guide you to select another fabric to create a new unique design.

Are your gowns designed for a specific morphology?
One of our first wish is to enhance each of your body and to magnify you for the happiest day of your life.

Each style from our first collection features quite different cut to be suitable for a wide range of morphologies.

Besides, our specialty is the bespoke creation: if you would like to customize a style from the collection to better suit your form, Yasmin will guide you to create a unique bespoke outfit.

How can I make an appointment?

The appointments can be booked directly online from our website section « Make an appointment ». You can also click on the « Contact » button from this page which will redirect you on the booking section.

We can also receive your booking requests by DM on Instagram (@yasminhassaine), on Facebook Messenger
(Yasmin Hassaïne Paris) or by email (

For the made to measure collection styles, it is recommended to book the first appointment 6 months before your wedding.

The appointment to create a bespoke outfit should be ideally booked between 8 to 12 months ahead.

If you have an urgent request, do not hesitate to contact us, we will see together what is feasible for you.

What do I need for my first fitting?
Ideally, you should opt for flesh-colored lingerie, and a light make up in order not to damage the gowns.

We could lend you shoes for the first fittings. The designer will notify you when you should bring your wedding lingerie and shoes to adjust the hem length.

How many people can come for my fittings?
To make the most of your appointments, we advise you to come with 2 persons maximum and 1 person for the appointments of unique bespoke creations.
How long is the first appointment?
For a first fitting, a 2-hour time slot will be fully dedicated to you.
Will I have only one spokesperson during all the fittings?
Yasmin will be your only spokesperson during all the fittings, from the first meeting to the gown delivery.
How will I receive my gown?
Your gown will be given inside a cotton cover.

For the unique bespoke creations, we will also be glad to offer you a wonderful box designed with our signature colors for the future storage of your wedding outfit.

What are the payment conditions?
A 40% deposit will be required with the quote signature, before the second fitting and the measuring process.

For the balance, we will decide together how stagger the payments according to what suits you most.

How much is a Yasmin Hassaïne wedding gown?

The price average for the 2021 collection styles is 3600€.

A unique bespoke creation will be realized according to personalized quote. During the second appointment with the designer, 3 sketches drawn exclusively for you will be presented. A participation of 500€ will be asked, then deducted from your price order during the quote signature.